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 Road and Transportation


2.1. Foreword:

Tehran is served by two airports. Mehrabad Airport, an old airport which doubles as a military base is used for domestic and pilgrimage flights. This airport is located in the Western part of the city.Imam Khomeini International Airport, located 50 km south of the city, handles almost all overseas flights.
Tehran has one of the cleanest and most convenient metro systems, in terms of accessibility to different parts of the city, in the region. In 2001, the first two of the eight projected metro lines were opened. Tehran Metro has four operative lines and is 120 km long with another two lines under construction. Tehran has the longest metro line in the Middle East and currently the fourth longest in Asia.
Tehran also has a central train station with connecting services round the clock to various cities in the country. Tehran-Europe train line is active.
Tehran has the most bus stops in Asia. BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) has 3 lines with 60 stations in different city areas. Tehran's trolleybus was active in 1950s and it's the first trolleybus in Asia, but now there are only 10 trolleybuses active and the rest are kept in Tehran's Bus Museum. Tehran's bus transport system is active since the 1920s. There are four bus terminals that also provide connections at low rates. The terminals are located on the South, East, West, and Bei-haghi Park-Drive.
The metropolis of Tehran enjoys a huge network of highways (~300 km) and of interchanges, ramps, and loops (~200 km) while over 150 kilometers of highways and the same for ramps and loops are under construction.

2.2. General Info.:

  • Highways: 21 Km
  • Major roads: 25 Km
  • Local roads: 51 Km
  • Village roads: 313 Km
  • Inside province public trips: 22,000
  • Inside province public passengers: 332,000
  • Outside province public trips: 26,000
  • Outside province public passengers: 408,000
  • Inside province public conveyed goods: 940,000 MT
  • Outside province public conveyed goods: 1,947,000 MT

2.3. Passenger transport:

  • No. of passenger transport terminals: 13
  • No. of passenger transport vehicle fleet: 10000
  • No. of passenger transport companies: 121
  • Overall annual transported passengers: 30,000,000

2.4. Domestic Goods transport:

  • No. of goods transport companies: 441
  • No. of issued intellect driver card: 30100
  • No. of issued intellect vehicle fleet card: 27200
  • Overall annual transported goods: 812,847,733 MT

2.5. Overseas transport and transit:

  • No. of overseas goods transport companies: 609
  • Overall annual imported goods: 524,000 MT
  • Overall annual exported goods: 355,000 MT
  • No. of vehicle fleet: 20,899
  • No. of transit goods trucks: 63991
  • Overall annual goods transited: 1,225,877 MT

2.6. Facilities:

  • No. of about to exploit en-route general and welfare service areas: 23
  • No. of under construction en-route general and welfare service areas: 18
  • No. of under study en-route general and welfare service areas: 26
  • No. of rural traffic police stations: 16

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